CEO Message

CEO Message

dooVAC has been established in 1990, as the one of first generation manufacturers in the field of vacuum products. Since its establishment, dooVAC has been devoting to contribute to progress of the industry. Recently environment of industries around the world are changing rapidly, and new challenges and innovations are required. dooVAC always endeavors to lead those flow of change and to be the company advancing the future technologies.

To release new evolved own products converging environment-friendly parts and electronic technologies, dooVAC concentrates its various and advanced technical capacities, and continuously tries to secure the independence for the major core technologies. Fastest and most accurate supply of parts for after sales service, increasing capacity to cope with diverse demands from industries, and enterprising jump up to the global market are ultimate values that dooVAC pursues.

dooVAC do its best to be the company always being strong and concrete against any difficulties, to be the company which has full of energy with continuous challenges, and to be the reliable partner of customers through sharing value.

Please give us your interest and support.

Thank you

홍성길 CEO