About dooVAC

dooVAC offers the most advanced vacuum pumps to which its own proprietary technologies have been applied. Continuous research activities and improvements during last twenty years are now creating new applications and innovative products. In the field of air solution, our vacuum pumps and compressors are recognized as having best performance and technologies, and we are establishing solid position as the leading company in the vacuum industries.

dooVAC has been continuing innovations and devotions for customers, but not limited to Korean market. dooVAC has acquired ISO certification of vacuum pumps, compressors, parts and accessories in Europe, Asia, Canada and North & South America, then has been coping with the demands in those territories.

Now dooVAC has grown as the key vacuum solution provider in the global market. First of all, in the vacuum based industries,dooVAC’s vacuum pumps and compressors are leading the market with their best performance and technologies. dooVAC will do its best to continue its endeavor to develop new applications, through continuous development of new technologies, and without settling in the limited areas. dooVAC’s constant research and improvement activities will be integrated with the innovative products for you.


dooVAC has grown as the leading company in the global vacuum industries through developing own technologies, and becomes the best practice with excellent technologies in those industries.


Excellence of dooVAC’s products are proven, and are exported to various countries. dooVAC’s products have also price competitiveness through developing own technologies.


dooVAC is the global company having ISO certification of vacuum pumps, compressors, parts and accessories in Europe, Asia, Canada and North & South America, and has concrete relationship with various companies in the world, as the most reliable partner.


dooVAC provides the best services which have been proven in the global market by fast and accurate performance of delivery.


Company dooVAC co. ,LTD
Seong-Kil Hong
Business Vacuum & Compressor Equipments
Founded Aug. 1990
194-1, Neungan-ro Jori-eup, Paju-si Gueonggi-do, 10935, Korea


1990 ~ 2000

1990.08 Established dooVAC, the engineering and manufacturing business
1991.06 Localized ‘Dry Running Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump’
1992.01 Localized ‘E.N.T Medical Suction Pump’
1992.11 Localized ‘Oil Circulated Rotary Vane Type’
1993.08 Selected as the start-up company by Small & Medium Business Corporation
: supported technology and management consulting
1995.05 Acquired factory establishment permission in Pa-Ju city.
1995.11 Registered as a member of Industrial Design Development Institute.
1995.11 Registered design of ‘Dry Running Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump’
1995.12 Localized ‘Dental Medical Suction Pump’
1996.05 Finished construction of new factory in Pa-Ju, and relocated factory
1996.05 Selected as the company supported ‘Industry-Academy-Institute Joint Technology Development’
1996.07 Selected as the company supported consulting by Industrial Design Development Institute
1998.05 Registered trademark of ‘dooVAC’

2000 ~ 2010

2000.01 Acquired ISO9001 Certification
2000.07 Acquired KS Mark
2001.08 Acquired CE Mark
2001.11 Localized ‘Linear Compressor’
2002.09 Selected as the company to maintain & manage the environmental test equipment of Defense
Systems Test Center under Agency for Defense Development
2002.09 Extended Pa-Ju factory
2003.07 Registered utility model of Vacuum Tank’s manufacturing technology
2004.10 Localized ‘Oil-Filled Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump’
2005.04 Registered business of refrigerator manufacturing
(under the 1 of Art. 5 and 1 of Art. 2 of Safety Management Rules of High Pressure Gas)
2006.09 Selected as the Promised Small & Medium Business in Gyeong-gi-do
2008.01 A sales subsidiary establishment in China
(Dandong Doo-Il Investment adviser at the limited company)
2012.03 Registered as Venture Company